How to escape the experience trap

It’s a known fact that job adverts ask for outrageous amounts of experience. When I was younger, I looked at a retail job at a clothes shop that asked for TWO years of retail experience to even be considered. On Reddit, a user commented that they’ve seen job postings asking for 15 years experience in the coding language Visual C # 2015…A programme that hasn’t even been out for fifteen years (and no experience in older versions didn’t count!) In today’s job market, experience is often seen as the be-all and end-all. Yet often, these people know less about the work than the people they’re looking to hire and this is especially true with creatives. Freelance creatives are constantly at risk from clients with unrealistically high expectations regarding experience. So what are you supposed to do? Sometimes, you’ve just got to fake it ’till you make it.

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Why you need to get scared more often

When was the last time you were scared? And I don’t mean ‘Oh that was uncomfortable, I’m glad that’s over’ scared, I mean that scared where you get boiling hot and feel like you are going to puke out of your eyeballs scared. Not for a while?
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Why you should fire bad freelance clients

We’ve all had them or at least heard the horror stories about them. Bad clients. They don’t pay on time, they don’t explain what they want, they ask for endless changes, and generally give you a pain in the neck. These people make you question the reason you decided to become a creative freelancer in the first place.

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Freelancers Are Working Crazy Hours – But Nobody Cares

The pitfalls of a 9-5 office job have been well-documented. It’s often 9-5 and beyond with ‘long-hours culture’ more prevalent than ever. Last year the International Business Times warned of ‘Burnout Britain‘, with the average working week hitting 44 hours in the UK (compared to 35 in France and 40 elsewhere in Europe). On top of that, after years of decline, the number of people working more than 48 hours a week has risen for the first time in a decade. Meanwhile, in May, Dean Schabner of ABC News stated that “Americans work more than anyone in the industrialised world”, with less vacation days and longer hours. But what does this mean for freelancers?

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Who decides payment terms – freelancer or client?

What are payment terms?

They’re the terms which dictate how and when a freelancer will get paid by the client. They include everything related to payment such as whether a deposit is being taken, payment method, when the client must pay by and what happens if the payment is late.

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