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When in doubt, specialise

When you’re trying to find work as a freelancer it’s really tempting to take the scattergun approach. You market yourself as the graphic designer that can do anything. Logos, website design, YouTube banners, brochures, packaging design, editorial projects…the works. For any company in any industry. You can do it all. But here’s why it might be best not to be a jack of all trades and instead to specialise.

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Managing your finances

Becoming a freelancer is a fantastic way to take control of your life. No more nightmare managers, no set hours, you can work from home in your jim jams and bunny slippers and eat ice cream at 10am. Goodbye 9-5! But the fun won’t last unless you manage your finances correctly.

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Writing the Small Print – How to Construct a Contract

Whether you’re a freelancer or someone hiring one, contracts are really important. It’s a guarantee on both sides that you’ll hold up your end of the bargain, and neither of you will end up feeling scammed! Writing one can be tricky though – so we’ve broken it down for you.

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